[MOC] Let me introduce myself... and some of my MOCs

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[MOC] Let me introduce myself... and some of my MOCs

#1 Post autor: Shmade »

Dzień dobry! Pozdrowienia z Czech.

Now I will write in english, I will better make mistakes in it rather in your language. :)

So once again. Hello for all trial fans!

My name is Sebastian and I live in Prague, I am 26 years old. Lego Trial is that what two years ago brought me back to Lego after about ten years of dark age. Last year I raced in Czech Lego Technic Truck Trial (LTTT ) championship, but this year there is gap (because one of organizers and his friend bought a real truck and started to compete in the world of real trial (MK trial) , next year I hope the LTTT championship will continue. Because I am missig the trial I decided to join you in one of your races (GP Mazowsza).

Now I would like to show you my trucks that I raced last year. All trucks are my own design without model in the real world.

1. Grimpeur 3-31

length: 470 mm
width: 207 mm
high: 206 mm
weight: +- 1600 g
climb ability: 40°

For 6x6 drive I used PF XL and PF medium connected over differential, for steering one PF medium. Front axle was pendular with ability to control the angle by pneumatics, rear axles were semipendular. Controlled over IR.


2. Grimpeur 3-31 Evo 1

This truck was very simillar to the first one, only chnages was that for drive I used two PF XL motors connected directy, and the controll was over cable.


3. Grimpeur 3-31 Buggy

I don't have specifications, but the size was simillar: I build this truck in just one day before a race, so there was some problems, because there was no time for testing. The front axle pendular, rear exles semipendular. Each axle had a pneumaticly lockable differential, but the construction was not strong, so it caused problems when going over bigger obstacles. Drive 2x PF XL, steering PF medium.


4. Grimpeur 3-32 Trilobit

Weight: 1450g

I used this truck in last two races, it had a great ability to go uphill, but was not so stabile when going down. Two front steering axles with independent suspension from 8880, rear axle semipendular. 6x6 drive with usual 2x PF XL and steering with one PF medium.


With these truck I placed in the final results on the second place.

Now I am building truck according to your rules, czech rules are completly different as for building, as for classification, but I hope I will get over it. :)

The truck I am building will be Tatra 813 8x8 Kolos - trial version. Now I am ready with the chasis and fake motor. Chasis is "real like" and the fake motor gives i "real like" sound. :)
Here is the sample of the sound.

If you want to reply you can write in your languege, I will use google translate to understand, but english is also welcome. :)

Thanks for your attention and I hope we wil soon meet, but I am not sure if I make it for the 20th, I am waiting for some parts from BL...

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#2 Post autor: TruckeR »

Nice to meet you :) I hope you will have fun in participating in our races. Polish trucktrial is separated into two 'events' - GP Mazovia (the races take part in Warsaw) and GP South, organised e.g. in Cracow, or in Chorzów (we plan to make a race in Wrocław, too). I hope you will join us soon!

Tatra 813 - sounds great. Nearly every truck-trial fan wants to build a Tatra, me too ;)

I must say, that your vehicles are very nice, as the 6x6 drive is a best solution for me :)
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#3 Post autor: Shmade »

Thank you for information about GP South, so maybe I will came to one of this events, I didn't know where it takes place, so now when I know it is litle bit closer from Prague, than Warsaw. (+- 650 or 450 km...) I will see. :) I will go not only for race, I want to spend few days in Poland, I have never been there.

And about the Tatra, I have never build a 8x8 vehicle, so it is realy challenging to me, but I think I am on a good way, also building in some exact scale is new for me.
I agree, that 6x6 vehicles are good for trial, but 4x4 also... When I was thinking about which truck I will build for my trip to Poland I decided to build something not so common so i picked this Tatra, I know that with some smaller truck my chances for a good result will be bigger, but when I am going to just one race it doesn't matter, I am going just for fun. I hope when I finish it, that I reach a nice Model Team look as your trucks have. One thing that I know now is that my truck will have not so good manoeuvrability because of semipendular suspension on all axles. I was glad just when I thinked up how to make the steering work. :)
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#4 Post autor: Cieślu »

Nice to meet you :) Your competition in Czech republic is really interesting. It's a bit harder than ours, because you also ride through the mud etc. Trucks are different too. As you can see we try to build real-like models. You have really good terrain for riding, so the competition is really cool. Give us an information, when Czech LTTT competition is going to happen :)

Your models look OK. I'm really interested in your Tatra...show us the photos if you can :)

I hope to see you soon at GP Mazovia soon because I'm also going to compete there :)
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#5 Post autor: Shmade »

I wanted to show the photos with all details after I finish the model together in a new thread, but ok, here is a little preivew how I am dealing with the scale and in the corner is bodywork that I want to achieve, but in black...


And here is the first version of chasis, with differentials on each axle and pneumatic steering.
It was wrong way... :)

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#6 Post autor: Ramzes »

You are on a good way to build you first 8x8 truck. It will be good if you visit us. I think is o good to change experience and know better one another:)
So if your tatra is ready, will come to Poland with your friends from kostky forum;]
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#7 Post autor: Emilus »

Nice to meet You,

I invite you, in the name of myself and the other guys, to come to the next race GPM, which is going to be June 20 in Warsaw. It would be best if you had your own truck :-)

Am looking forward to seeing you and sharing our experiences esp. as far as the 8x8 constructions. Me myself want to build Tatra 813 8x8, which I`m going to take to the next truck trial race.

Greetings from Poland.